Lock Hardware


Anchor Washers

Our Anchor Washers will secure a 2-flat cam lock securely into a 3/4" round hole drilled into wood. This washer has 4 "teeth" to grab the wood around the hole.

  • Secures locks into wood using 4 teeth that will grab the wood.

Anchor Plates

Anchor PlatesOur Anchor Plates will secure 2-flat cam locks into either metal or wood. A 3/4" hole is drilled then this anchor plate will secure over that hole to provide the mounting for the cam locks. This anchor washer is constructed out of steel 3/32" thick.

  • Secures 2-flat cam locks in either steel or wood
  • Constructed of steel 3/32" thick


Wonder Washers

Wonder WasherOur Wonder Washers are designed to allow the installation of a 2-flat cam lock into a round 3/4" hole. This is designed for use in steel material and the wonder washer is constructed of steel at 1/6" thick.

  • Will secure a 2-flat cam lock into a 3/4" hole drilled into steel


Spacer Washers

Spacer WasherOur Spacer Washers are designed to "space" out cam locks from the front of the equipment while still creating a good appearance. These spacer washers are trimmed and polished and are available in a variety of sizes. We are also able to provide these spacers to your exact specifications.

  • Available in 1/16", 3/32", 7/16" and 1/2" plus custom sizes


Mounting Clips

Mounting ClipsOur Mounting Clips are designed to secure a cam lock onto your equipment very quickly,taking the place of the mounting nut. Designed with an over center design that will ease assembly.

  • Over center design replaces the mounting nut
  • Quickly and securely holds the cam lock in place